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A Vietnam War Air Force Veteran volunteering in 1968 for a four-year term, after having served his country, returned to the North Carolina Mountains where he grew up.


As a young man, in 1975 George lost his right arm in a serious auto accident and had to retrain his mind and body to perform all tasks left-handed.  As a major part of his ongoing therapy as a left-hander he began to draw again and added acrylic paint to his regime to help with his attempts at brush and color control.  His success brought about the confidence to go back to school to receive an Associate degree in Engineering.

Now retired from his 30-year profession, George paints full time and specializes in landscapes and commissioned work from those who are fortunate enough to cross his path.  He does not have a web site yet but is in the process of developing one for the near future.

 George paints exclusively now in oils because of the depth and richness of color it brings out in his subjects and the detail he can attain as a Realist Painter.


In a recent interview, George had this to say:

“A lot of artists paint from imagination, or out of doors, called Pleine Aire but I get a lot of pleasure painting from my photographs and being in my studio at my easel painting extreme detail.  Even though printed digital photography is popular, there aren’t many people capturing that same detail with brush and oil paint…. I think that makes what I do special.”

“I live on Lake Hartwell in Georgia because I like the serenity of the Lake and I love to fish.  Most of my subjects are from this area and the surrounding mountains and streams.”

For additional information or commissioned work, please contact: 

George W LeMieux, Jr.


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