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Meet the Artist

Typically held annually in February. Please check back for updated information. 

A fun event for artists and the public. Meet our Guild members, tour the gallery, view and purchase art.


Artists donate miniature creations which are raffled off to raise funds for the on-going operations of the Guild.

Artist Cost for Participation
 $10 refreshment fee or bring a refreshment and you can list it on the application form. 

Meet the Artist

The only requirement is that you be in attendance at least one of the days for the public to talk to you about your art. It’s also a great time to meet a lot of the guild members.

During this show, we fill the Studio up with all the participating artists art. We have plenty of room for prints, cards and other items, since we’ll use the upstairs areas too. We usually allow around 6 to 8 medium size paintings per artist, less if you paint large. We’ll have plenty of room for smaller paintings upstairs as well. The 3-D artists can usually bring around 30 pieces or more if it’s jewelry and the same thing applies if it’s larger art, then you’d bring less. We normally try to hang a few pieces of each artist art downstairs and use the fixed tables, window ledges and rails for 3-D. The rest of the art goes upstairs to encourage people to view the art in all the rooms.

We also have our great fundraiser, which is the miniature show. We ask our artists to donate small pieces of art for the drawing. (no larger than 8x10 framed pieces and smaller items for 3-D) This is not mandatory, but it's a nice way to support the guild. In the past, we have had up to 90 miniatures. The best part of this fundraiser is that we can purchase tickets, because it’s a luck of the draw. We all get real excited if we win. Tickets sell for $5 each or 6 for $25. You choose the items you want to try to win and we do a drawing for each individual piece at 4:00 Saturday afternoon. We can start taking miniatures as soon as you bring them to the Studio. You don’t have to be a participate in the show to donate an item.

Toast of Toccoa Logo with banner.jpg

Spring Juried Show

& Toast of Toccoa  

Saturday 11AM - 6PM 

April 29th  -  2023

Spring Juried Show / at The Studio  - Open to Guild and non-Guild members. Three pieces are to be judged. Ribbons and cash prizes awarded in each category where there are 4 or more entrants.


There is also  the Cleo W. Alexander Floral cash awards for your interpretation of flowers or flowers in any setting in any medium (no fee to enter). Download the entry form below for more details. 

Members: $20 per category 

Non-Guild  members: $35 per category

Deadline to enter: April 24, 2023. Entries received after deadline will be returned. 

Spring jured show

Saturday April 29th - Toast of Toccoa / Doyle St., Toccoa / !2 pm - 6pm

FREE booths space at the Toast of Toccoa. Juried upscale event.  Rain or Shine.  

There are a total of 50 booth slots available.  The show is open to guild and non-Guild members: Individual artists, artists wishing to share booth space and Artists’ Guilds who may sell the work of their members.

All work must be original and handcrafted by the artist. All pieces should be of excellent quality and design. Prints are acceptable if from artist’s original work.

Each artist or Artists’ Guild must submit the application form along with 3 photos representative of work that will be sold. (If you were juried into the show last year, you don’t have to submit photos.)

The deadline to apply is: APRIL 22, 2023

Notification of acceptance to participate in the juried event will be sent out on: APRIL 24, 2023

Please download application form below and for more important information.

More Information about the Toast of Toccoa

  •  Non- Guild participants are to provide their own tents and booth set up. All tents should have sufficient weights in case of high winds.

  • The Guild will provide tents and panels to Guild members on a shared basis. Member is to provide booth set-up and chairs  

  • Access to power is available if needed on a limited basis.

  • Art demonstrations are encouraged

  • Set up begins at 10:30AM / Take down begins at 6 PM.

  • The event runs from Noon – 6pm. Participants are to have the booth open during those times

  • The event will take place outdoors -- RAIN or SHINE


2023 CAG Spring

Student Juried Competition

Saturday, 11AM - 5PM  

April 29th, 2023

There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize awards and ribbons given in each category. The categories are as follows:

Grades K-2nd; 3rd-5th; 6th-8th; and 9th-12th

To enter, please download the entry form and mail in by April 24th - 2023

Spring Studnt Show

2022 Fall Juried Show          

& Fall Harvest Festival  

Typically held annual in late October. Please check back later for updated information.


Fall  Juried Show at The Studio  - Open to Guild and non-Guild members. Three pieces are to be judged. Ribbons and cash prizes awarded where there are 4 or more entrants.


You may enter as many categories as you wish, but no more than three pieces per category will be eligible for judging. This includes sets.

FREE booth space is available (shared with another artist) to sell artwork on the street during the Fall Harvest Festival. 


Best in Show - $200

Exhibitors Choice Aware - $75

Each category with four or more entrants:

1st Place- $75 / 2nd Place-$50 / 3rd Place-$25

honorable mention-ribbon


Members: $20 per category 

Non-Guild members: $35 per category

Deadline to enter: 


The art show will be held at The Studio on the mall in downtown Toccoa.  Each artist will be provided one 3x6 display panel (approximate size) per category entered.  Additional panels may be available for outside sales depending on number of entrants.  Artist may exhibit additional work for sale or display outside but only 3 pieces will be eligible for inside judging.

Artists deliver work for judged show:


Note: Any exceptions call 706-886-6138 or email Gail Watson at to make arrangements. You may hang your outside work by 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. Take down may begin after the awards ceremony on Sunday.

Click here for competition rules and info 


For complete details and to sign - up for the Fall juried Show and Harvest Festival, please click on the box below when available. 

FallJuried show

Toccoa Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert &            

Currahee Artists' Guild         

Art Show & Sale                  


Typically held the first Sunday in December. Please check back later for updated information.

TSO art show

The Toccoa Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert and Art Show is open to all CAG members who are interested in participating. The concert typically attracts around 1000 people making this a wonderful opportunity to show and sell your art work just in time for the holiday season. Participating artists are welcome to stay and enjoy the concert featuring uplifting Christmas music (no ticket needed).

Here are the details:


Art Show Time: 2 - 4PM (concert starts at 4PM)

Where: Grace Alford Performing Arts Center on the campus of Toccoa Falls College

Set up time: 

- In the past we have found that smaller "gifty" type items sell the best... note cards, jewelry, small prints, pottery etc..

- Tables and panels will be provided. Bring your own table cloth and other display accessories

-- You may leave your set-up during the concert. In the past we have found that some people continue to buy items after the concert.

- This show is commission free. Artists keep all of the proceeds of the sale.

Here's how to participate: Deadline December 2nd

Email or call: Sharon Mahon ( / 706-716-1037). Please indicate:

- How many panels and / or tables you will need

If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Mahon per the above. Merry Christmas to all and to all have a great show!

Competition Rules and Information For Shows (Spring and Fall Juried Shows)
Competition Rules & Info


This event is open to artists' original works of art completed within the past three years. Art must be matted or framed with wire and ready to hang. Art that has received a cash award previously in any Currahee Artists' Guild festival is not eligible for judging. You may enter as many categories as you wish, but no more than three pieces per category will be eligible for judging. (This includes sets)


Rules and Regulations for Judged Shows

Entry deadline must be met by the date specifies on the entry form.  This includes all paperwork and fees.  Entry fees are non-refundable.


Any work hanging in the Studio prior to the show must be taken down and stored by the artist. (Space will be available in the Studio back room)


Works not meeting the requirements will not be accepted.


     A. All art must be original and not in violation of any 

         copyright laws.

     B. Framed work must be ready for hanging (wire only)

     C. Matted pieces must have a SECURE hanger.

     D. Artist to fill out identity cards for each piece.


Upon occasion a category is not filled, thereby removing it from the judging.  You have the option of exhibiting without being judged.  Since there are additional awards e.g. "Best in Show," the Beth Zoffmann, Exhibitors Choice, and others you still have a chance for one of those awards.


As a courtesy to fellow artists and viewers, all art work is to REMAIN hanging until after the awards.  Early removal will result in disqualification for the next show. The only exception is if the art work has sold.


There is no commission fee for work sold during the show.


The Studio provides us a gallery space as a member of the Guild the rest of the year and has a low commission of 20%.

Guidelines and Information for Outside Show and Guild Activities

  • Guild will provide space, two panels and a shared canopy.

  • There is no booth charge.  You must supply your own tables and chairs.

  • You are responsible for setup and take down.

  • Outside sites MUST be prearranged.  There will be no last minute acceptance.


Volunteer for:

  • Help prep the Studio for the show. (Sweep, change,  lights etc)

  • Work the desk for one hour to hand out ballets for  

         Viewers Choice, Exhibitors Choice

  • Direct or answer questions of viewers.

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